Star Island Corporation

A Crisis Communications Campaign for Star Island

Rye, New Hampshire

Aqua initiated a crisis communications campaign in 2007 to manage the reputation of Star Island Corporation during the unexpected closure and reopening of the island-based Oceanic Hotel & Conference Center amid life-safety issues.

Aqua crafted a public relations plan and our PR team looked after all internal and external communications to key stakeholders and the management of daily inquiries from all audiences with effective and open communication, as well as a thoughtful approach to issues. Aqua crafted the core messages and trained key spokespeople for media interviews.

Aqua supported Star Island’s work with New Hampshire safety officials to outline a thorough process to enhance the level of safety at Star Island and realize authorization to reopen.

Aqua is currently working with Star Island on its targeted public relations activities and associated metrics designed to build awareness of Star Island and increase the number of visitors to Star Island. The campaign is focused on engaging Star Island’s target audiences including New England travelers, particularly those who typically drive to their chosen travel destinations.