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Achieve maximum brand exposure with creative and cost-effective marketing and public relations programs by Aqua.

What we do

We work with our clients to define the target audience and develop creative marketing campaigns to showcase products and services with a consistent message. We will help you decide which marketing tools and services are right for your business.

How we do it

We focus on low-cost options that allow for the greatest reach and reception.

In print, Aqua designs consistent and memorable materials specific to our clients’ needs. We will help you determine the best means of delivery of your message, then create thoughtful, engaging print materials to get the word out.

On the web, we can help you build a social media strategy that will serve as the framework to enhance loyalty or attract new interest through direct customer connections. Aqua will develop, implement, manage, and measure a targeted social media program to suit your long-term business objectives.

Services we offer

•    Creative Advertising Campaigns
•    E-blasts
•    Films
•    Flyers
•    Media Planning
◦    Online
◦    Print
◦    Radio
◦    TV
•    Print & Online Brochures
•    Print & Online Catalogues
•    Print & Online Event Media Guides
•    Political Campaign Materials
•    Web Design
•    Social Media Development

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